ROSEVIA RESORT & SPA, Jastrzębia Góra
ROSEVIA RESORT & SPA, Jastrzębia Góra

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Arrival 26 September' 20
Departure 27 September' 20
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A holistic approach to the beauty care of Dendro spa, the latest technologies in the center of the surrounding trees will provide you with rejuvenation of the soul, body and mind. Fully enjoy this place.
Cosmetology consultation
49 pln / 30 min
SPA Specialist Consultation
49 pln / 30 min       
Dendro SPA Massages
Personalized for you, Energy of 4 hands - synchronous massages, couples massages and many more...

Dendro's SPA Special Massage - Holistic full body ritual personalized for a guest / synchronous massage available on request
320 pln / 90/60 min  

Feet massage
120 pln / 30 min      

Classic massage
(full body / partial)
180/120 pln / 60/30 min

Anti-aging massage with bamboo stalks
(full body / partial)
220/140 pln / 60/30 min

Hot stones massage
(full body / partial)
220/140 pln / 60/30 min

Sports massage
(full body / partial)
220/140 pln / 60/30 min 

Deep lifting massage
(face, neck, neckline)
160 pln / 30 min

Sensual candle massage
(relaxingly nourishing full body / partial)
240/160 pln 60/30 min

Aromatherapy massage
(full body massage)
220 pln/60 min

Anti-smog and anti-oxidative
(mixed with aromatherapy)
220 pln / 60 min

Relaxation massage
(on a bed filled with quartz sand) 
260 pln / 60 min                 

Individual treatment formula based on natural plant products and Earth's gifts. Body peeling is available on request before the massage.

Peeling ritual
170 pln / 45 min

Peeling ritual + massage
240 pln / 60 min 

Peeling ritual + massage + compress
360 pln / 90 min


Salt and oil intensive body smoothing - body cleansing and exfoliating treatment based on altantic sea salt submerged in natural oils composition.

Herb and oil - body smoothing based on selected herb composition.

Exotic trip (sugar peeling) - richness of nourishing oils mixed with shea butter fruit acids supporting cellular renewal of the skin. Restoring and brightening healthy skin tone

170 pln / 45 min


Apple stem cell compress - innovative, natural and active ingredient with plant stem cells. Youth cocktail protecting body cells from aging and providing firmness of a skin.

Milk compress - delicate and essential treatment basen on goat's milk and rose petals. Smoothing and nourishing.

The gift of a Sea - with micronized algae - it with provide the skin with vitality and a young look.

190 pln / 60 min   

Excellent knowledge of skin physiology and knowledge about aging processes make the products, equipment and treatment techniques of Dendro spa specialists effect the restoration of the balance of our skin.

Cosmetology consultation
49 pln / 30 min

Based on your skin requirements
A series of treatments starts with cleansing by exfoliation of the skin epidermis as a first step to regeneration.
Specialistic, cosmetology skin diagnosis performed at each stage of the procedure ensures long-lasting effects. Next, ampoules and a cream mask or sheets mask are selected. The treatment ends with a relaxing face, neck and cleavage massage.
250 pln / 60 min
Natural regeneration processes 
Microneedle mesotherapy of the skin
The most advanced and incomparable skin stimulation to natural repair processes. Controlled precision of injecting individually selected vitamin cocktail will stimulate the production of the collagen, elastic and hyaluronic acid in your skin.
The effect of the treatment is to improve the density and elasticity and nourishment of the skin, visibly reducing the wrinkles, increasing the skin tone and reducing the visibility of stretch marks and scars.
Neck, eye area or hands
190 pln / 20 min
Face, bust or cleavage
250 pln / 40 min
Face - neck, cleavage, face                                        
290 pln / 60 min   
Multi-functional solution in face and body treatments.
Perfect combination of ultrasounds, RF, vacuum and LED. The cooperation of those four technologies will guarantee very good anti-aging effects as well as the stimulation of the natural skin cellular renewal.
Vinu Shape allows to a wide range of purposes for each guest’s needs.
Innovational Multi-Polar RF head for anti-aging effect of the face, neck and cleavage
Vacuum is perfectly draining and splitting fat tissue 
Reduction of the cellulite and body shaping
One chosen part of the body
160 pln / 20 min
Two chosen parts of the body
220 pln / 40 min
Body package - thighs, abdomen, buttocks, arms          
260 pln / 60 min
Face package – neck, cleavage and face        
260 pln / 60 min   
Non-needle mesotherapy
The procedure allows to pump into the right depth of the skin active substances. During the treatment we use one of the six highly concentrated Clinical Serums chosen to your skin’s needs. Main effect of the mesotherapy is an instant lifting effect and filling of the wrinkles.
Preceding with exfoliation treatment
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